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Fort Worth AC Repair

Fort Worth AC Repair – Air Conditioning Necessity!

Fort Worth AC Repair – Necessary Cost of Living In Texas


Fort Worth AC Repair contractors provide a service that is more valuable than you might think.

Air conditioner repair in this post also refers to heat pumps.

In the DFW metroplex, (Fort Worth Tx and surrounding areas) good efficient air conditioning is an absolute necessity!

Air Conditioners provide more than just comfort. It is not just a luxury
item of the modern technological age. There are health issues involved

We sometimes take these miraculous devices for granted, and don’t realize that they can fail without any apparent warning.

But… there really are some warning signs. Signs that can easily be detected by your local air conditioning repair technician.

Early detection can prevent a lot of heat related health issues, physical
discomfort and save you a lot of money in the long run too.

Especially as your AC Unit ages, there are common problems that occur that you
should be aware of. A few examples are : leakage of the refrigerant,
noises that might indicate worn bearings, frozen coils, thermostat and
other electrical failure, and more.

Click Here for Info on TNS Mechanical AC Maintenance.

AC Repair – Installation Type Issues

Your Air Conditioner may be the wrong size for your house.

How can that be possible?

For example if you have noticed that your AC unit cools really well
but it seems damp or humid in the house, it is most likely that the
system installed for your house is too large for the square footage.

So… it is important that if you are replacing your current A/C system you get it properly sized before the install.

In Texas, and especially the Fort Worth area, the opposite is usually the case. Most likely you need to get a unit that is large enough to keep you cool all summer long.

Just be aware that it is possible to get one that is too large. Your HVAC contractor professionals (like the experts at TNS Mechanical) can help you get the perfect size air conditioner for your home.

If you are a “do it yourself-er” and you don’t do the proper calculations you may end up paying more in the long term.

Also, if the the system is overpowered, the beefy blower may blow out some of
the connection points in your duct work which will cause leaks, poor
air flow and higher electric (energy) bills.

Coolant Leaks – Need Of An Experienced A/C Repair Tech

One reason your air conditioner is not cooling could be that the
refrigerant in the system may be slowly leaking. This will not only make
your compressor work harder but cause your electric bill to go up as

Either it was undercharged during installation, or the air conditioner leaks.

If the leak is small enough, it you may be able to just give it a recharge
each year. Typically what is required is that you find the leak and fix
it. This is not something for the “do it yourself” home owner.

There are many safety issues involved in fixing this type of problem. You will need an professional HVAC specialist to fix the leak.

He/she will inspect the system, localize the leak (if there is one), save your
existing refrigerant, solder the hole shut or replace the part if
needed, test the unit, restore the original coolant and top it off.

Your air conditioner works best (is most efficient) when all manufacturer’s
specs are met, especially with regard to amount of refrigerant.

If you have a HVAC technician keep your AC working smoothly year after
year, you will have a trouble free cooling system for a long time.

Neglect your A/C and expect a nightmare experience.

Both undercharging or overcharging affects the performance of the air conditioner.

Loud Noises Indicate a Problem

One low cost fix for this loud wailing noise could be that the fan belt needs to be replaced. When I say low cost fix, of course I mean that it is not expensive to fix. It can be a really expensive issue if left unattended to.

Not only can the noise irritating, but it lowers the efficiency of the A/C unit and will cost you more on your electric bill.

Most likely the belt is worn and replacement is an easy job for your AC Guy.
It could just be that the belt is slipping because of a issue with the
bearings in the motor. In this case you will need a new motor.

It may even be that lubrication is all that is necessary. Get an expert to
check your air conditioner out and get the repairs done properly for
best results.

Danger Sign – Stinky (Musty) Air In Your House

In severe climates, like Forth Worth, it is best not to turn your air conditioner off to conserve energy. If you do, when you turn it back on it puts too much of a load on the system and this, if done regularly will reduce the useful lifetime of your AC.

The sharp transitions in temperature between hot and cold, due to turning the system on and off can cause condensate in the ducts which can also result in the growth of mold,
mildew, and fungus. Yuck! This is not a healthy situation.

Also, it is of utmost importance to change your air filter regularly! This is
especially true in a new housing edition where the air is full of construction dust.

Anything that restricts the free flow of indoor air in your system reduces efficiency and adds an undesirable “extra” load on the equipment. This can result in malfunction as well as higher energy bills.

Your AC Repairman Checks For Temperature Sensor Malfunction

There is a temperature sensor in the unit that measures the air temp entering
the evaporation coil. If this is out of alignment, has a cracked or
broken (resistive) solder joints, or just stops working due to wear and
tear your air conditioner will malfunction.

This may be manifested as the unit constantly cycling, or acting erratically.

Your HVAC tech knows to test for this issue and how to correct it quickly and precisely.

Electric (Electronic) Control Unit Failure

Each time you have your air conditioner inspected or serviced, you should
make sure the technician checks that all the electrical connections
“look good” – that is, no fractured solder joints, as can happen from

If the belt is slipping or, God forbid, the outside compressor fan stops turning, the motor can overheat causing major damage. Moreover, if the outer fan stops running, the compressor overheats and gets damaged. This could be a costly repair.

Drainage Issues

The condensate drain sometimes gets clogged causing water to overflow into
your house. Although not a lot of water, it is an indication of a system
that is not working properly. This is usually caused by air filters
that are not being changed frequently enough. More on this later.

Many homes in Fort Worth have the furnace and AC Condenser in the attic. You
can see the implications of water flowing out on the floor of your
attic and soaking down through your ceiling. Enough said? Change those
filters regularly to prevent this nightmare.

Simple Fix – Don’t Restrict Air Flow In Your House

If you notice an accumulation of dust in the ventilation grills in your
ceiling and walls, you should clean these. It is a good to set aside a
special day each year to attend to this – like labor day, or memorial

Also, in Fort Worth, most of the homes have return vents in
the walls. Never, put furniture in front of these grills that can block
air flow. A small coffee table can obscure the vents without blocking
the air.

Use your creative “juices” to make your room aesthetically pleasing while allowing your a/c unit to run at top efficiency.

Your A/C Unit Can Just Stop Working!

This might seem to be a problem that is difficult to diagnose. Actually the opposite is the case.

The root problem could be something that is inexpensive to fix and easy to locate.

Perhaps something as simple as a blown fuse or circuit breaker. Or, the
thermostat could be broken, or even the starting capacitor could be open
or shorted.

Each of these issues are both inexpensive and easy to fix.

A/C Compressor Unit Issues

Transferring the heat from the house to the outside air takes place in the compressor unit.

The fan blows air across the coils in the unit to remove the heat. If this
fan malfunctions or the coils spring a leak you have problems. If you
live in our area that should only  be remedied by a Fort Worth AC Repair

These problems are best handled by a qualified HVAC Technician.

With Air Conditioning Equipment – Prevention Is The Best Medicine

The best way to prevent all the problems listed above is to have regular
preventive maintenance done on your air conditioning system.

TNS Mechanical has several preventive maintenance plans available to fit your need and budget.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Ask about our Annual Tuneups to insure your AC is running at top efficiency.

We’ ll check for low refrigerant, air-flow issues, zoning issues, and bad wiring, and more.

Call Today – (817) 465-1112

Our technicians are NATE certified.

TNS Mechanical LLC is an Arlington, Texas based family owned and operated Residential and Commercial HVAC company. We service customers in Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, Haltom City, Haslet, Trophy Club, Southlake, Keller, White Settlement, Grapevine, and most of Tarrant County.

All our technicians take pride ourselves on providing quality service for our customer’s air conditioning and heating needs. We believe in, and practice, family values in our business.

Our professional technicians service all makes and models and brands of air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps.

In many cases, indoor air quality is a major health issue.

Financing is available upon request.

License # TACLA022362C


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For more information about keeping your A/C running efficiently – Click Here. 

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Fort Worth AC Repair – Air Conditioning Necessity!

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