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Even though most homeowners and business owners know very little about air conditioning systems, when it breaks down, they want to be treated fairly. And rightly so! It is our desire, not only to get the job done for you, but to do so in a manner which reflects our principles of personal integrity and honesty, quality work, and reliability. We ARE the people you can trust.

It has been our understanding that almost every person in need of air conditioning service, air conditioning repair, or a new air conditioner installation are interested in 3 things:

  • How much will it cost me? (AC repair, AC service, or a new air conditioning system)

  • Do you service or install my “preferred” air conditioner brand?

  • Can I trust you as an AC Contractor?

In this article I will explain a little about us (TNS Mechanical Services) as an air conditioning contractor, and along the way I hope to answer those three important topics that are probably on your mind.

Of those three questions, the most important is “Can I Trust You?” If the answer to that question is “no”, then the other two are irrelevant. So let’s start with question number 3.

TNS Mechanical, LLC, Providers of Quality Air Conditioning and Heating Repair, Service, and Installation in Arlington, Texas

TNS Mechanical, LLC is locally owned by Todd and Sheri Ylen (pronounced Why-Lynn). Although Todd has been repairing and installing air conditioners for over 25 years, he and Sheri decided to start their own business a little over eight years ago. Until 2011, they thrived on just “word of mouth” advertising. The team has grown. And, many many satisfied customers continue to stay cool and recommend TNS Mechanical to their friends.

Todd has gotten a reputation for fixing problems that other repairmen just scratch their heads over. In fact folks from other AC companies sometimes call Todd when they are stuck.

Well, late in 2010 Todd and Sheri decided to take the business to the next level, but did not want to incur the huge advertising costs charged by print media, radio and TV. If they did that, they would have to pass those costs on to their customers, and that just didn’t seem right. So, they turned to the internet. This website is the result of that decision. They knew that a smart consumer is not swayed by expensive flashy ads. Oh the ads are very persuasive, but the cost that gets passed on has nothing to do with the value the customer gets. It’s just a hidden cost that their neighbors (customers) end up paying for.

We a are family oriented company. We are value oriented. When we go on a job, the best interest of our customer is priority #1. Listen to what our customers have to say:

TNS Mechanical handles all my business and personal HVAC needs. They are honest, dependable, and punctual. I wouldn’t trust my business to anyone else.

Gary Barks – President
4900 SE Loop 820; Suite 100
Forest Hill, Texas 76140

We have been very pleased with the prompt and professional service that TNS Mechanical has provided on several occasions. They have been easy to contact by phone or by email, and the work has been completed in a timely and professional manner. The staff has always been polite, friendly, courteous, and respectful. We have recommended TNS Mechanical to our friends and highly recommend them to others.

Scott G. (Homeowner)

TNS always operates in a professional and timely manner. Todd and his group are top notch.

Kevin C
(Executive Director of A Major Youth Development Organization)

We have made a commitment to help our customers get the best value for their heating and air conditioning “buck.” And, that means immediate savings by great pricing, and long term savings through reduced energy requirements and maintenance costs. We learned a long time ago that if you install a quality product and you do the job right, your customers will be happy and they will recommend you to their friends. We would be glad to serve you and your family. We know you will be satisfied with our work.

How much will you charge to fix my AC or replace my air conditioning system?

This question can be very easy or very hard to answer.

If your AC is “acting up” and you need someone to come out and evaluate the problem, the cost for that is a fixed “flat rate.” In some cases there will be no additional charges if the problem is simple and you don’t need any parts. The flat rate includes one hour of labor.

If you need a new air conditioning system, many other factors come into play and that is a much more difficult question to handle. Before we can give you an accurate quote we will need to inspect your home to determine how many square feet need to be cooled, the present condition of you “cooling plant” including duct-work etc. Together we will decide on the best, most cost effective air conditioner unit for you (brand and model). And of course, we will check for any manufacturer’s and/or governmental rebates that may be available. At that point we can give you an honest quote.

What sets us apart from the competition is that we have no hidden charges. You pay just the labor and parts.

Some of our competition, in the heating and air conditioning business, advertise a “low AC service inspection charge.”

You should ask yourself: “How do they do that?”

If you think it through for a moment, you will figure out that things are not quite what they seem.

The costs of overhead alone (technician wages, gas, office lease, storage building lease for inventory, maintenance on repair trucks, etc.) to send a truck to your home is more than that low service fee.

Are these other HVAC companies extremely generous or charitable? How can they stay in business, with prices like those?

It should be clear that the loss on the inspection call must be made back somewhere else.

Well, that may be “business as usual” at most companies these days, but at TNS Mechanical we do not play those games!

Flip Wilson used to say, “What you see is what you get,” and that is one of our mottoes too. We are open about our charges. We charge $69 for the air conditioning or heating service call which includes the first hour of labor. That way our overhead is covered and you know exactly what the service call will cost.

Because of this, our technicians aren’t compelled to find a problem to cover the “lost” revenue from a low ball service call charge. You won’t hear the words “bad compressor” or “bad coil” from us, unless it really is bad.

We are convinced that this is the best way and the most honest way to treat our customers. Most likely we’ll lose a few sales because of this “non-marketing” approach, but we refuse to employ these questionable sales tactics.

Some companies will use Tax Credits on their websites as part of their advertising – even after these tax credits have expired! That’s plain wrong!

Feel free to phone us any time to check on tax credit availability. It is always our goal to provide the most product for the best price, including getting you tax credits, when available.

We enjoy close relationships with manufacturers of all brands of furnaces and air conditioners that are used locally. So, we can get you a great price!

We know you’ll be happy with our quality of workmanship, our products, and our customer support. If you want the honest answers to your questions about air conditioning and heating in Arlington, TX, just call (817) 465-1112. We’ll be glad to assist you.

Do You Service or Install My Preferred Air Conditioning or Heating Brand?

While on the subject of “brands” – you might be interested to know, there used to be a huge difference in the quality of the equipment of the different major brands of heating units and air conditioners

These days there are a few differences, for sure, but they are only minor ones. Each brand has its own proprietary parts. That’s a “given,” But the functions of those parts are the basically the same.

Standardization and quality has become the norm in these products, and a really good technician can easily work on just about any make and model. To the question “Do you service or install my preferred air conditioning or heating brand?” we reply with an emphatic YES we can!

So, the most important things a person should consider when deciding which HVAC contractor to hire is the technical ability, work ethic, and attention to detail of the company’s technicians. These things are what we base our business upon. It is what we require of our technicians.

The parts from one air conditioner may not fit on another brand, however the function of that part and its quality is about the same.

If you prefer a certain brand, we can install it for you!

If you need repair or service, we can definitely get that job done too, both quickly and to high standards of quality!

We regularly install these brands: Lennox, Trane, Carrier, Comfortmaker, Honeywell, American Standard, Day and Night, Payne, GE, Westinghouse, Teledyne, Reznor, Modine…..

We Take Our Business Seriously. It Saves Lives!

By looking at statistics we know that the likely-hood that you or your loved ones experience a heat related death in your family are very small.

This part of the article is not intended to frighten you. We include it so that you know that we look at air conditioning and heating a little differently than you do. We see a larger cross section of the population than most people do. And, most of the people we deal with are uncomfortable. In some cases there are health related issues involved that make our job a more urgent task than you might expect. From our view, if we can save one life, our speedy response and our characteristic attention to detail will have served its purpose

Temperature, humidity, and allergen control of our homes in this hot Texas climate is non-optional. Our summers are hellishly hot.

TNS Mechanical Services: Air Conditioning in our Arlington, Texas homes is a necessity.

This is a graph provided by the Texas Department of State Health
. It depicts Texas deaths related to heat from the period 1994 to 2004.Air Conditioning Arlington Stats

If you call, and your air conditioning or heating unit is not working properly, our aim is to get your family safe and comfortable as soon as we possibly can. We are your neighbor here in Arlington, and we are ready, 24 / 7 for emergency service calls.

TNS Mechanical Services, LLC encourages thoughtful stewardship of our environment!

One of the biggest environmental offenders is “coolant leaks”. They wreak havoc with our environment.

We have heard in news media, many stories about coolants leaking from air conditioners, and other refrigeration systems. They tell us all the negative effects this condition has on the environment. The technicians at TNS Mechanical Services are experts in locating these types of leaks in your AC system. It is good practice to have this checked periodically, perhaps annually.

We strongly encourage the practice of having an energy audit of your home.

These energy audits indicate the exact locations where air is leaking into and out of your home or business facility.

You can save a lot of money each year on your heating and cooling bills by plugging these leaks. You will be using less energy and you should see the results on your next heating or cooling bill.

Reducing electricity consumption, puts a lighter load on the electrical “grid” as well. Any actions we take that helps prevent those all to familiar “rolling brown outs” and blackouts is a worthwhile endeavor.

TNS Mechanical Services is an “early adopter” of Solar Air Conditioning Technology!

We are proud of the strides Lennox has made in the area of solar technology with respect to the heating and air conditioning industry! We have a special relationship with them that makes us a “solar installer” for their proprietary SunSource®Home Energy System. We are very excited about this technology and would be more than happy to discuss the role of “solar technology” in your future.

This “cutting edge” technology utilizes sunlight to cool off your house. It’s incredible! On cloudy days your power comes from the electrical power “grid.” In Arlington, Texas we have direct sunlight almost every day.

If you too want to get in on this “cutting edge” technology we will gladly install one of these SunSource®Home Energy Systems at your home or business. Phone us to find out more details. (817) 465-1112

TNS Mechanical Services thanks you for taking the time to read about our company and we look forward to doing business with you.

TNS Mechanical Services